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"Math tell us three of the saddest love stories."
Aaaaa screamformyicecream6669 TT. TT


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”#모뉴먼트밸리 #monumentvalley #game 뭐라 말로 표현할수없는 감동 그자체”


My personal Tribute to Ida and Monument Valley. Have fun!


Monument Valley :D


"Foolish princess, have you forgotten too?"

The other Monument Valley drawing I did.  Go to bed now, Robin.

~Love is pure white~

This anime has been in my list for over a year at least, maybe two or more. So I finally watched it in a sitting. (Took a break to cut my hair on my own tho). 

Nothing to really complate about. 9/10

And in enjoyment 10/10 n,n


I must say… this has been one of my favorites part of School Days. And I already have over 60% completed. 
First, because Otome didn’t act like a bitch… not even once. She was the only one that keep her mouth shut, unlike others(Fuckin’ Sekai… and also Kotonoha… thu she had her moments too). 

Besides, I think this is one of the most cute and emotional sex scenes. All of them are mostly… nopenopenope. But this was actually cute! Also, I love her small boobs!!! They’re cute! She’s completely beautiful! I luv this ending. Otome deserve’s it. She know him since long time ago.

Dat epilogue. xD

I’m looking towards her routes in the next games(like Shiny Days).

Finished School Days 100% since long ago, and still love this ending♡
Of the few which make me go all “aawwww!!!♥’ the instant I see the image. I honestly don’t even think about the “ero” in this scene.
…just love and cuteness♡

Sowy… I’m new in this gifs-in-tumblr stuff. 

I reaaaaally love this whole scene!<3 So I made them my first GIFs:3



someone restrain me

this only had 100 notes an hour ago what the fuck happened


And here we see 2 magical girls transforming

After like… 3, maybe 4 years, I’m finally reading Clannad again…My first Visual Novel. The reason what I started reading Visual Novels, actually. 

Kappei Route… I kinda knew about what it was, about Kappei and all… but… damn! FEELS!

Yay, another orb!!!