Normal young boy, which is weird because of being too normal
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Other little project I made quick while waiting for Dota2 to download.

That’s Vy2. :3 Ill publish the model’s author, I swear!xD

Hi!:3 I recently took my time to learn how to MikuMikuDance correctly.
I notice A LOT of people use to actually make beautiful pictures.

I gave it a try and did this while experimenting with Haku’s face.

Dayum, I know I made her look kinda lewd… but besides the fact of her BIG… eyes, I think she looks cute n.n

Didn’t help that I use the Oil effect, right? XD Im such a naughty boy x3

Later I’ll post the Models credit. ;3



Links to all chapters posted underneath the cut.



EDITED: Added the person and location! Pft, Lynn(Lin) forgot Vanderr already posted it. But like this, it should be easier to navigate!


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sdafgasdhfgdash *O*

-Rapeplay is an asian game about 3D anime girls…
Me: I want it!!!
-..but this game is about…
Me: *looking for torrent
-…the game’s been banned from…
Me: *making sure to find the most reliable torrent
-… the game is so explicit and graphic that…!!!!
Me:*downloading it
-Oh, fucki it. .l. You piece of shieEeEeEet. 
Me: ñañañañañañaña (>n,n>) <3

I’m a lil bit sick. But everyone that knows me for at least a few hours already aren’t surprised to see this. 

Besides, c’mon!!! Most of the people who sees hentai has seen LOOOTS of WORST. The difference here is the graphics. 

Meh. Wynaut? ;v


The Lights in the Sky are Stars

So freakin’ badass! Too bad I already know the answer… Oh well, I’m confident I could have find it anyway. 

But just to humor me, I’ll try to explain every detail to myself about how would I try to found the culprit.

#me xD

Finally I’m starting/finishing Umineko. TT.TT


Let there be love.

Can you imagine the world Patema sees?
Right now, the inverted Patema is in an uncertain place.
That’s why I have no choice but to hold on to her.

「サカサマのパテマ」 |Patema Inverted (2013)